About Us

When you bite into one of our pieces of chocolate, you know exactly what you're getting.  You're biting into a piece of handcrafted chocolate that was made with only the best ingredients and mindful practices.

Here at Jason Friendly Foods, we care about our customers.  We want you to have the very best!  That's why our products are handmade in small batches, preservative free and often use organic, local and natural ingredients.


Jason started Jason Friendly Foods out of his own home's kitchen, out of passion for natural and health-conscious food that he wanted to share with friends.  The response from his friends and later, his community, was very receptive!  It was a unanimous decision, everyone needed more of Jason's chocolate.

Behind Jason Friendly Foods is a very special childhood friend in Jason's life, Erin.  In 2013, Jason had contacted Erin, who was a food marketer, to join him in partnership with Jason Friendly Foods.  Before Erin and Jason could become business partners, Erin passed suddenly.  Erin believed in Jason Friendly Foods and in honor of her, every bag of chocolate is labeled with Erin's initials, "EPK".